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What is All-in-One?

All Knight Search

is a new way to search most of the Library's resources from a single search interface.  When you do an All Knight Search, you will be searching through the following set of resources:

o Most of the Library's subscription databases (such as ERIC and PsycInfo)
o The Library's online catalog
o The Library's ebook collection

Here are some common questions we receive from users.

Why would I want to use this All Knight Search?

If you are not sure which individual database might have the information you are looking for, the All Knight Search is a good way to go.  Not only are you likely to find results that will be on target, you will also get a sense of which databases cover your topic best.  You then can move to that database and take advantage of special search features to continue your search.

Won't my result list be huge and difficult to work through?

All Knight Search uses an algorithm to bring the most pertinent results to the top of your list.  However, you also will find facets in the left column.  These are various ways of categorizing your results.  So if you only want journal articles you can click a box and limit to that subset of your results.  If you want only the apple results that deal with computers, you can click on the subject heading to narrow your results list.  If you only need the most current information, you can limit via a date facet. 

Why would I ever use anything but All Knight Search to find research and other information?

Some students may find all of their needs satisfied using All Knight Search.  However, it is important to understand that there are a couple of limitations to this kind of search:

  1. All Knight Search will not be able to process database specific search features that my be available in individual databases.  For example, in PsycINFO you can select such limiters as Intended Audience, Age Group, and Population Group.  These PsycINFO-specific features will not be available when you do a search using All Knight Search.  
  2. Most, but not all, databases are included in an All Knight Search