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International Students: Home

Welcome! I created this guide to provide US culture and language resources for students from other countries. I have also provided a little practical help too. Let me know if you think this is useful, or how I could improve it?

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WELCOME International Students!

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Need Research Assistance?


There are several ways to ask research questions:

  1. Visit the Reference Desk.
  2. Call the Reference desk:  518.454-5181.
  3. Text your questions to  518-336-5277.  
  4. Meet with a librarian one on one in our offices.
  5. Search our FAQ's--type your question into the box below and click the Ask buttton.  If your question has not been answered already, you can use the form on the results page to e-mail us the question.  You can expect to receive an answer via e-mail in 24 hours.

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