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Honesty, trust, respect, fairness, responsibility, and the free exchange of ideas form the foundation of integrity that supports the entire community at The College of Saint Rose. 

-The College of Saint Rose Statement on Integrity

This resource guide was created by staff and faculty at The College of Saint Rose in response to the rise in racism we have witnessed in recent years at both the local and national levels. The information shared here is intended for a wide audience: It is for those who seek to learn more about race and the history of racism in the United States. It is for those who struggle with concepts like structural and institutional racism. It is for those who might not understand the pain, fear, and anger triggered by racist attitudes, speech, and actions. It is also for those who seek tools useful for facilitating productive dialog about race in the classroom and in daily life



This resource guide is a work in progress. Please get in touch if you have a question, comment, or resource suggestion.