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When should I add items to reserve?

To ensure that your materials are available at the start of the semester, we recommend submitting reserve requests at least a month in advance. Purchase requests should be made as early as possible.

What should I put on reserve?

Generally, it’s best to stick mostly to required texts/materials. If students will be given a list of books to choose from for an essay, it’s usually more helpful to keep these items in the stacks and allow students to use them for longer periods of time. Sharing this list with the Circulation Coordinator ( will allow us to verify that we have the books that are needed.

What if the library does not own an item that I would like to reserve?

Search the Library Catalog to see if the library owns an item. If the library does not own the item you may lend a personal copy or you may request that the library purchase the item. Select “Purchase Request” in the Reserve Form and the library will consider adding the item to our permanent collection. Selecting "Purchase Request" does not guarantee that the library will purchase the requested item. Library staff will contact you if there is an issue.    

What happens to my materials at the end of the semester?

Since we try to keep our reserves as up-to-date as possible, we only maintain reserves for courses that are being taught in the current semester. If you need to renew your reserves for the upcoming semester, please contact the Circulation Coordinator, Fiona Steacy, before the end of the current semester. You will be notified via email when your removed reserves are ready for pickup.

Can multiple professors share a reserve item?

Sure! Just let the Circulation Coordinator know if another professor will need access to your item.

How do I know if my reserves are being used?

At any time during the semester, you may contact the Circulation Coordinator to get the usage statistics for your items. Please be aware that these usage statistics are wiped from the system once an item has been removed.

Should I be concerned about copyright?

Professors are responsible for ensuring their Reserve requests are in compliance with U.S. copyright law and the specifics of The College of Saint Rose Copyright Policy. More information.

Request a reserve using the RESERVE FORM