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Neil Hellman Library Renovation: Home

Floor Plans

McKinney & Sacco
May 30, 2011

Architectural Plans

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Floor plan

Reference Desk Planning Meeting, June 20, 2011
Present: Peter Koonz, Carl Cording, Kate Moss, Peter Osterhoudt, Steve Black, Nancy McDonald, Paul Halvax

Paul presented three plans for feedback.  There was unanimous agreement that the second plan best fit our needs.  One change was made to the plan presented: at our request the patron area was rounded off.  Subsequently, the group agreed to look at a revised plan that also showed a rounded front to the outside of the desk.

You will find a link to the revised plans at the left. 

A few notes on this plan:

  • It provides a lot of storage within the interior.  We have been asked to develop a list of our storage needs, so if you have thought on this, please forward them to me within the next day or two.
  • There will be shelving on the outside of the left side of this desk.  We can use this for ready reference, display of new material or other items.
  • The lower part of the rounded section is meant to serve as an area where we can interact with patrons.  There will be a second computer/monitor in this area that can be used for this purpose.  There is also enough room here to accommodate a second student.

I will need to hear relatively soon, if you have any major objections or minor tweaks to suggest.  Thanks for your input on this to date.


New Floor Plans
The files included in the content box at the left are updated plans, based on our feedback at June 9 meeting.

Meeting Notes, June 9, 2011
Present: Peter Koonz, Steve Black, Marisa Gitto, Kate Moss, Carl Cording, Paul Halvax (Sacco & McKinney), Nancy MacDonald

Paul reviewed the updated floor plans and later toured the building with group.   

Basement.  Changes - built-in counter to be located at bottom of center stairs.  3 computers and 5 stools will be available.  Individual study will be taken away from Mechanical Room wall and replaced with table and seats that can later be used for additional computers.  Pit lounge area: will add additional soft seating arrangement and books will be shifted out of outer range to avoid conflicts.

First Floor.  Paul listen to our thoughts regarding the reference desk setup.  He will develop 3 alternative plans and schedule a meeting with reference staff to review.  Counter and seating will be retained in several areas of the reference room: far east section between pillars, corner section in western area and section to right of door to marble staircase.  Door leading to Reading Room will be removed and a wall set up, allowing for additional computers in this corner area.  McNaughton collection and potentially new periodicals and other new books will be relocated to outer section of reference shelving.

Second Floor.  Similar setup as in basement for computers by center staircase.  Take out soft seating in west section of balcony seating and replace with one additional individual study.  Add stool-level counter to replace McNaughton books.

Third Floor.  Seating removed from outer Archives wall.  Tables to replace soft seating in east section.  Similar setup as in basement for computers by center staircase.


On May 31, I met with Nancy MacDonald and Paul Halvax from McKinney/Sacco architectural firm.  We reviewed the floor plans that I recently forwarded to all staff, and I passed along all comments that I heard back from you.  I was encouraged by this meeting, as the message was sent back quite strongly that these plans are very preliminary and our feedback would be critical to the final design. 

Here are some of the issues that were discussed:

Reference Desk - I conveyed that many of our librarians were not happy with the location/setup of the reference desk in the plan.  Paul said that this area was not worked out in detail and was largely included just as a placeholder.  We all agreed that the best way to work through the issue of locating and planning for the reference desk would be through a meeting with our reference staff.  This meeting should be scheduled for the next week or two.

Accessiblility issues - I said that we had concerns about the room that would be left around some furniture setups throughout the building.  We addressed these point by point.  We agreed that some of the setups that were drawn into the preliminary plans would be removed.  Paul will be doing a more detailed walkthrough of the building over the next few days and verify some of the other layout feautures. 

Standup  Computers - One thing that escaped me (and I think all of us) was that some of the computer installations (primarily those around the narrow staircase - up and down throughout the building) were designed as a bank of standup computers -- not sit down. 

Adding group setting with computers in the Reading Room - Paul will be working this into his next set of plans.

Adding seating along the east side of the elevator (B & 3F) - Paul will be working this into his next set of plans.

Relocating location of printers/copiers - Per Steve's suggestion, next plans will show a swap of the printer location on the first floor and a setup of public computers.

Remove furniture from areas where shelving exists - This will be taken care of.


We also discussed some of the associated challenges that will require our attention and/or architects attention as we move forward:

  • Discard/relocate Indexes and Abstracts
  • Relocate musical scores
  • Relocate microforms
  • Relocate DVD/CD case display
  • Relocate VHS cabinets
  • Relocate bestseller shelving (2nd floor)
  • Relocate current periodical display
  • Relocate 1st floor display case
  • Relocate digital sign

While some of these tasks fall outside of the work of the architects, Paul has asked for a list of our needs/potential locations for each of these, so he can be aware and attempt solutions as he progresses with plans.

-Submitted by Peter Koonz, June 2, 2011

Time Line (Tentative)

September - December

Music Library conference area - construction of office space

December 2011-January 2012 Intersession

Some walls and offices on first floor will be removed/moved

Two ranges of stacks in reference room will be removed

New furniture throughout public areas

New reference desk will be custom built


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