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The Neil Hellman Library
Food and Drink Policy 


I.      Introduction

·        Food and drink can have the following negative effects on The Library:

·        Litter from food or drink containers attracts rodents and insects; both destroy books and journals.

·        Spilled food or drink damages books, journals, computers, furniture, and other library equipment.

·        Smells from food and the noise associated with individuals eating or drinking can distract patrons from quiet study.

·        Waste from food and drink creates an unattractive environment in The Library.


II.     Guidelines 

A.  No food will be allowed in The Library.  Patrons observed entering the building with food will be asked to take it back outside.

B.  Beverages will be allowed in The Library only if they in containers with secure lids.  If a patron is observed with beverages in containers without secure lids, they will be asked to take it back outside.

C.  Staff who wish to bring food or drink in The Library should do so discretely and eat in the staff lounge or in an office out of the public eye.  Wrappers, cups, and leftovers should be discarded of properly.


 Note: Most complaints about food (smells, associated noise, etc.) come from other students.